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Rekey Locks Bolton

Since there are various reasons why would anyone want to rekey locks, Bolton locksmiths stand by and are ready to serve everyone.

The whole point of rekeying locks is to render the original key useless and operate the specific lock with a new key. That’s why the main task of the locksmiths – apart from changing the lock’s pins – is to make a new key for the rekeyed lock.

Key change becomes an urgent matter when the original key is stolen or somehow missing. In this case, there’s fear of intrusion. Something we don’t want to happen and so, help 24/7.

On the other hand, customers may want a master key system. Once again, the locksmiths must rekey some locks so that they will work with the same key. So, how can we serve you?

Emergency locksmiths in Bolton rekey locks 24/7

If this is an emergency, we quickly send locksmiths to rekey locks in Bolton, Ontario. And we can do so around the clock. Did an employee leave without returning the office key? Are you worried about home security because your main door key is stolen? Despite the reason for your emergency, get in touch with our company.

Locksmiths are quickly sent to offer emergency lock rekey service in Bolton. Before you know it, the lock in question will be rekeyed and you will be holding its new key.

Interested in a master key system? Let’s talk

Are you interested in having one key for several locks? We still send locksmiths to rekey locks. They carry key replacement options and all the tools needed in order to do the job. They can create lock keyed alike systems and complex master key systems, depending on what’s required. They provide you with new keys and make sure everything works okay.

Be sure that the locksmiths assigned to rekey locks have the expertise and training to do so. By traveling well-equipped, they also have the means to pull off such jobs with the thoroughness required. As long as the lock is solid and not damaged, it can be rekeyed. It’s a good idea for landlords who rent out properties and want to ensure the peace of mind of the tenants. It’s the right path for those who want one key for many locks and it’s definitely the best way to deal with stolen keys. If you need to rekey locks, Bolton locksmiths are at your service.